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About National Association
for Direct Selling and Distribution

Direct selling becomes possible
only when inseparable two “product quality” and “humanity” get together.

Direct selling (person-to-person selling with explanatory information) deals with various products including health food, cosmetics, health-care equipment, bedding, water activator/purifier, air filtration system, negative ion emitter, beauty instrument,teaching materials jewelry, clothing, solar power system, all-electric house, housing improvement etc.
Oral explanation is effective to make consumers understood the quality of products and services that companies have created with their whole heart.
In so doing, customers will not buy the product unless the elucidator does not have enough information on the product. However, the customer minds do not move only by the information. It is normal that a sales contract won’t be concluded unless the customer does not feel humanity behind the talk.

Direct selling is a process where both good quality of product or service and humanity of the sales person are required. We support the progress of direct selling business and improvement of customer’s health through selling activity with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Message from the President

Message from the President

We are waiting for  your company to join us.

We focus on customer consultation services and legal instruction.

Types of direct selling include multilevel marketing, sales made through advertising seminars, telemarketing, door-to-door sales etc. Commonality among these types of direct selling is that they deal with new products or services related to health, beauty,environment or housing education and that customer facing is made through face-to-face so that the customers can sign the sales contract with full understanding and satisfaction. In order to increase consumer satisfaction, it is important to achieve an early resolution of the customer complaint. We plan two measures to reduce the development of consumer affairs.

One is so called “downstream measures” that are operated through customer service representative. We have established a customer service representative with staffs experienced in consumer correspondence. We are providing consultations 7 days a week reaching 3000 consultations a year. By moving at an early stage, we are trying to solve the problem that is hard to call customer service representative of the company’s main office for the sensitive matter reluctant to consult with the sellers or their group leaders.In addition, we also offer a data system that allows accumulating the content of the consultation and analyzing them by the individual company.

The other is so called “upstream measures” that are achieved by legal instructions. We assist to improve the skills of leaders and staffs by teaching them the point of related laws and regulations such as Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and Pharmaceutical Affairs Act as well as the social meaning of the existence of direct selling and the importance of the growth of personality in order to increase customer’s satisfaction level. We support your company’s continuation of sound development through these services.
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Organizational chart of groups related to direct (door-to-door) selling

Organizational chart of groups
related to direct (door-to-door) selling

Organizational chart of groups related to direct (door-to-door) selling
Profile of the association

Profile of the association

Company Name
General Incorporated Association
National Association for Direct Selling and Distribution
Trad. Bldg. 3F, 6-17, Nihonbashi Kayabacho 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8210 Japan
Ichiro Kameoka, Chairman
February 1981
Services Contents
Planning and hosting of training course, various seminars on direct selling for vendors, business managers and sales staffs. Developing manuals of education and training as well as planning, instruction and implementation of educational courses for executives and employees.
History of the association

History of the association

1981 February
Established under the name of “Association for Research of Distribution about Minor Enterprises” on the occasion of coming “Registration system for the education of doorto-door salesperson” into force.
1981 April
Joined “Japan Direct Selling Association” as a organizational member.
1985 May
Renamed as “National Association for Direct Selling and Distribution”
1999 April
Office moved to Kayabacho.
1999 June
Total membership reached 50.
2000 December
Network business committee was established.
2006 August
Total membership reached 100.
2006 October
Consumer consultation office opened.
2010 July
Newsletter magazine “Direct selling association magazine” launched.
2011 August
The society was incorporated as “General Incorporated Association”.
2011 October
Office moved.
Seminar by each department started.
2012 March
Logo was established.
2014 February
Regular membership has reached 135 companies (60 are MLM companies)
2018 July
Regular membership has reached 155 companies (90 are MLM companies)
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